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Some Like it Hot!

Jalapenos, habaneros, and jam.

When I first started making jam, I knew that not all of my jams would be sweet. So in looking to provide some unique flavored jams, I was then introduced to jalapenos. I had never cooked with jalapenos before but my mango jalapeno jam and honey jalapeno jam were well received. These jams can be used when cooking pork, poultry, and seafood. I have also served the mango jalapeno over cream cheese with crackers. Delicious!

This weekend I moved on to a hotter pepper – habanero. After some trial and error, I added three new spicy jams to our list. We now have strawberry habanero, raspberry habanero, and blackberry habanero. All sweet with a spicy kick. I am excited by the food possibilities. As I make food items with these amazing jams, I will share them with you.

Remember, jam is not just for breakfast.

#joharimade #sweetsavory #savorysweet #homemadejamsandjellies

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