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How did you start making jam?

I have been in business for about six months and the question I get asked most often, “How did you start making jam?” From strangers it is just a matter of inquiry, but from family, friends, and colleagues, it is asked mostly out of confusion.

Confusion because most people associate me with sky high stilettos not jam. I LOVE shoes!!! I have a room full of them. My Love calls the room the “shoebrary”. All shades, different styles, definitely noticeable. So knowing that, me making jam does not seem to make sense. Add in the fact that I work as an administrator at a college and am working on my doctorate, this causes even more confusion.

Last spring for my Love’s birthday, we went to visit friends on the Eastern Shore. We had a very relaxing weekend. Lots of memorable experiences but what stood out for me was Dee talking about making jam. She does a lot of canning, but jam and jelly was the most interesting to me. It definitely was delicious. I was intrigued.

Months go by and I continue to ponder this idea of making jam. One Saturday, I got up and went to Weber’s Farm’s pick-your-own fruit orchard. It was peach season. I picked a bushel of peaches. I had already purchased all of the equipment I needed weeks before.

After hours of blanching, peeling, quartering, cooking, and canning, I had made peach butter, peach jam, and peach jelly. Tons of it! So, I took jars to work to share with my colleagues. They thought the idea of me making jam was strange but they enjoyed it. This boosted my confidence. Over the next few months, I made strawberry jam, blueberry jam, and some not so traditional jams such as mango jalapeno and carrot cake jam.

In October, I finally followed my family and friends advice and decided to sell my jam. Making jam has added a new dimension to my life. Making jam allows me to relax, create, and share. I hope you will get a chance to taste our jams and jellies and taste the LOVE that makes them delicious.

#fruit #jam #joharimade #jelly #mangojalapeno #carrotcake

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